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Best Uses For Wood Chips From a Chipper

Best Uses For Wood Chips From a Chipper

The best thing about wood chips is all the ways you can use them around your home for free. If you want to make your…

Jan 6, 202210 min read
How Does a Wood Chipper Work?

How Does a Wood Chipper Work?

A wood chipper uses a set of blades, hammers, or cutting teeth to convert organic material fed through a chute into smaller pieces. The type…

Dec 27, 20215 min read


How to Start a Wood Chipper

How to Start a Wood Chipper

In this article, we're going to cover some basics on how to start a wood chipper safely and effectively. These steps should apply to all models of wood chippers, including…

How to Remove and Sharpen Wood Chipper Blades

How to Remove and Sharpen Wood Chipper Blades

Having a dull or damaged set of blades can severely affect the performance of a wood chipper. In this article, you'll learn how to remove your wood chipper blades and…

heavy duty brush hog

Best Walk Behind Brush Cutter

A walk-behind brush cutter is a significant investment, so you should thoroughly research all of your options before deciding on the best machine for your needs. In this buying guide,…

leaf blower

Best Gas Leaf Blower

Autumn is a particularly lovely season. You'll want to spend as much time outside as possible as the leaves begin to change colors. However, dealing with large piles of leaves…

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